5 Tips To Create A Home Cinema Room For Your Birthday Without Breaking The Bank

Few hobbies are as fun and practical as watching a movie at home for a movie birthday party, but decorating your living room to turn it into a real movie theater is not easy. If you don’t have loads of money to make your home theater, use these quick tips to make a cozy and exciting space for your whole family.

1. Use What You Have

As tempting as buying the latest in-home theater and furniture may be, what you already have at home allows for multiple possibilities. To make a movie theater, you will need comfortable seats, a big screen, and a movie-playing device. If you already have this type of equipment available to you, creating a home theater will be much easier. But if you’re not excited about what you have on hand, try revamping it with quick fixes.

2. Big Changes Don’t Have To Be Drastic

If your budget is short to invest in furniture, start small. Instead of changing all the furniture in the room, you can renovate the environment with small changes that don’t cost much. For example, new pillows can create extra comfort while you don’t change the couch (you can even customize the ones you already have); opting for a hanging rack can increase the TV’s range until you buy a bigger one.

3. Invest Your Money Wisely

You’ll want to invest wisely no matter how big your budget is. Set aside approximately 50% of your budget to invest in a single item. Then decide what you want people to remember when they come to your house to see a movie. If you want them to remember their surroundings, you might want to invest your money in a new chair or a vintage popcorn machine. On the other hand, if you want them to remember the quality of the viewing experience, you might want to invest in a new TV, projector, or Blu-ray player.

4. Accessories

Little touches can transform a living room into a home theater. You can use vintage movie posters. They don’t cost that much, but they charm the room. You can also look for theater signs and movie reels to spice up your home theater room.

5. Shop Smart

Don’t be afraid to look at thrift stores and outlets when buying furniture. Most thrift stores have a wide selection of throw pillows, coffee tables, and side tables at low cost. If the idea doesn’t appeal, try imagining the items with a new fabric cover or a new coat of paint.