Automox raised $110M funding led by Insight Partners

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Automox recently announced fundraising of $110 million in an equity round led by Insight Partners bringing the total raised to over $152 million. The customer base of the company saw a growth of 200% in 2019.

Automox’s platform works across all operating systems, servers, and PCs. It even lets the security teams automate and conduct cybersecurity actions through policies. It allows the users to orchestrate checks to ensure patch compliance of assets, enables critical patches, software updates, as well as security configurations, and custom scripting. The firm started around the most compelling pain point in the IT space, which was the inability to identify and rectify system vulnerabilities across the various operating system. Ever since then, it has continued to broaden its functionality and has become the only fully cloud-native endpoint management platform.

The Israel-based startup’s global market share is expected to be worth $120 billion by 2024. Between 2013 and 2019, it raised $6.32 billion. Automox employs over 160 people and has a customer base of nearly 2,000 clients, including Greyhound, Xerox, NASA, and UNICEF. The startup claims that it has managed to reduce the labor hours of the customers by 50% and corporate cuber attacks by 80%.

What provides an edge to Automox over its competitors in the IT Ops and endpoint management space is the fact that it is the only cloud-native platform and offers flexibility to solve the problem that modern IT teams might face. According to Automox, the pandemic has led to a rise in the demand for a remote working environment which may hinder training and reskilling the employees working in the technical domain. To combat the company has introduced a new upskilling platform that covers the most strategic technological domains and enables cloud training, next-generation digital experience, machine learning, and others. With the recent raise, the startup has also evolved its perks and it aimed at focusing on flexibility, with new offerings like a hybrid work culture. Additionally, Automox is looking to explore the new and exciting possibilities of technological innovations. It is already conceptualizing the promise of 5G in Dallas. The company has also mentioned that it will use the funding to support product development.